Many people and enterprises make the same mistake. They develop their website, expensive custom-made system or e-commerce and leave it forgotten for years until an imminent upgrade is required. While they could have invested since the beginning on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being more ahead of their competition, enjoying a bigger return of investment and having more time to dedicate to their own business and delighting from the profits generated.

As part of our services for business expansion here at Innomobs besides offering outsourcing services of innovation consulting & innovation development we are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . This is perfect for existing companies that want to invest in their growth since we optimize their corporate websites in order to help them attract their perfect customers.

More than 1.17 millon monthly users search for a term in Google.

Worldwide as an essential part of our daily modern lives we search through Google in order to know more about the subjects that interest us. Hence, there are many needs of people searching for answers through certain keywords. The main goal of SEO is to improve more the ranking on the businesses through certain strategic keywords, winning more market share than their competition and increasing their sales. This actually involves an integral work that involves many fields such as programming, code optimization, improvement in user experience, original strategic content writing, graphic design, website continuous improvement, server maintenance, monthly backups, responsive design for interactive mobile experiences, enhancing website performance, white hat practices, high frequency in website updates, host server reputation, etc.

There are more than 200 factors that Google take into account in order to decide in which ranking it will position each website.

Each of these factors have a different importance in Google’s ranking algorithm. These algorithms are constantly been updated such as the laws of a country but with even higher frequency. Some of the recent names of these algorithms include: Panda, Venice, Penguin, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act against Piracy), Exact Math Domain, Knowledge Graph, Phantom, Panda dance, Pay day loan, Panda Recovery, Hummingbird, The Dove, Mobilegeddon, etc. The main idea that it is important to retain about all this is that these algorithms are constantly being perfected and we are a group of experts that are constantly being updated about this and your perfect allies to increase your sales exponentially.

91.5% of traffic generated in Google is generated only in the first page of results.

This large percentage shows the importance of investing in SEO. Furthermore, if we are aware that 91.5% percentage of these users that remain on the first page, 61% of them only visit the first 3 places in Google. Which shows that the majority of people try to find what they want as soon as possible without patience to do further research and find more options on the last page of results of this famous web browser.

The best business strategies involve measuring results to guarantee continuous improvement

We take SEO very seriously. We are constantly improving the websites of our clients in the monthly packages we offer besides creating a monthly backup in order to prevent serious loss of our clients’ information and guarantee their peace. Moreover, each month we handle them a digital report with the latest results achieved, demographic analytics and visitors’ updated statistics, description of work done during month, future work to be applied, challenges for our customers to achieve to increase results, etc. SEO actually becomes a (Success , Empire, Oath) which is one of the safest investments you can make nowadays knowing you can always improve and that this improvement will reflect in an exponential increase in sales making your business to dominate not only the physical world but the virtual universe as well!

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