Innomobs comes from the juxtaposition of the word Inno and mobs. Inno representative of the word innovation that in turn comes from the Latin innovare that means to develop or produce something new in a field or activity and Mobs that comes from the word flash mobs that are the groups of people that meet unexpectedly in a public place to perform an extraordinary act that surprises and impresses the spectators.

The creator of the term "Flash mobs" was Bill Wasik who was the editor of the technological magazine "Wired". It was for the first time in the summer of 2003 in New York that the first flash mob was done anonymously and his intellectual author did not dare to confess this until 3 years later. Subsequently, the term "smart mobs" was also generated, which indicates a group activity planned in advance but with more precise purposes such as commercial or political strategies.

For us, innovation means taking a novel project or idea into action that not only adds value to the people and companies that developed it, but for the same reason has a massive impact of diffusion and positively impacts a large number of people either through generated profits, reduction of costs, generation of new sources of employment, improvement in quality of life, competitive business model in the market, more efficient processes, and / or becomes a useful solution of a problem, product design, etc.

Actually when we talk about the subject of innovation it is important that before carrying out this a research process is carried out in order to establish correctly the definition of the problem to be solved, potential client, and / or correct solution to be developed. After this, it will be essential to establish a personal commitment and/ or team dedicated to the project, define a strategy, establish the necessary economic resources and persist over time to achieve it.

Essentially there are 4 types of innovation: innovation driven by technology, innovation driven by the market, incremental innovation and disruptive or radical innovation.

Innovation driven by technology usually proposes a radical technology development for an existing market that implies high risk but with a defensive business strategy before an existing market.

As far as market-driven innovation is concerned, there is usually a minimal evolution in technology and its main objective is to improve the user experience and/or reduce for example production costs.

In the case of incremental innovation, an improvement is made to an existing product, service, process, and / or business model. In this incremental innovation there is little risk and a new market can be created, however, this type of innovation usually faces many competitors because they tend to be the simplest and easiest to implement.

Finally, with disruptive or radical innovation, a new product or technology is developed from which there was no prior reference in the market. This type of innovation is high risk but also high potential to generate large profits because a new market is created where in the beginning there are no more competitors that prevent exponential growth.

At the same time, in terms of how innovations are carried out, there can be two main options: closed innovation and open innovation. The closed innovation is when the development of it is carried "behind closed doors" in a confidential manner within the same company limited to the talent with which it is counted and also faced with the organizational and administrative problems presented by the new ideas. For this reason, they are rarely cases in which disruptive innovation is developed in large established companies. This is why the development of open innovation has become increasingly popular.

The big companies are aware of all this potential that exists out there. Samsung, for example, developed its strategy and innovation center in which it invites visionary entrepreneurs to present their innovative projects to invest in those who consider could develop technologies that could still be useful in 10 years. Telefonica Movistar also has a Wayra accelerator where they invest in entrepreneurs with innovative digital projects and Telefonica Open Future, which is a platform that works globally to invest in technology projects. The giant in technology Google obviously knows the potential that entrepreneurs have with great ideas and therefore has developed a global community to instruct and be in contact with them through Startup Grind. Another giant but of the world of entertainment that also has us in the crosshairs is Disney with its respective accelerator in which they bring together the greatest talent of dreamers with a vision of dreaming big and ability to have a great impact on the future of technology and entertainment.

Innomobs is an agency with a high capacity for execution in innovation and international experience to develop high-level projects. We are anxious now to know a little more about you, entrepreneurs and how we can help you make your ideas and dreams come true and that y making them we get a change to improve not only this world but perhaps as well universes beyond our galaxy.

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