Inspiration can attack when least expected. Muses of inspiration are always looking for a recipient, someone courageous who dares to accomplish their ideas. The important thing is not only to know how to capture them on time since they tend to be very elusive, but to take very seriously the obligation to perform those that are worthwhile. What actually makes the difference between an ordinary person with many ideas and a creative genius is their ability to execute on ideas by overcoming their fears.

“The fundamental question for living creatively is: Do you have the courage to develop the treasures that are hidden in you?" Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a question that makes us Elizabeth Gilbert author of the famous book "Eat, Pray, Love". This same author recently published a new book entitled: "Great Magic: Living creatively without fear". And she dedicates a whole book to inspire all creatives not to be afraid and paralyze themselves with their dreams, but on the contrary to dare to achieve them. Another book that we also recommend focusing on this topic is "War of Art: break your blockages and win your internal creative battles." In which they mention that in order to beat your enemy you have to know it in depth which in this case for us creatives is procastination. For explaining this, they use many metaphors where the resistance force is an evil being that attacks opportunely to prevent us from achieving the greatest ideas that precisely have the most potential to improve our lives.

Definitely it is a brave challenge. In an increasingly connected world, we have many distractions that limit us and make us postpone the execution of our dreams. It is impressive that currently the maximum time of average attention of an adult is only 8 seconds which is even less than the attention that a goldfish can sustain.

"Learn how to see. Realize that everything is connected with everything else." Leonardo da Vinci

What a better example of inspiration for creative geniuses than Leonardo da Vinci! A Renaissance man who was an artist, inventor, and scientist. And where did all his ideas came from? Thanks to his insatiable curiosity in which he devoted himself to observe, investigate and learn new things about everything that interested him. The best thing is that he always carried a notebook to write and draw all his ideas in order to never lose them. In fact, more than 7,000 pages of sketches that he left as a legacy have been preserved. A great habit that we could easily integrate into our daily lives all of us creatives.

"It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that responds best to change." Charles Darwin

And why? This is the question most often asked by children when they begin to grow and become more aware of the world around them. Questions that many adults might find annoying to answer especially when they are repeated constantly. However, on the contrary, we should encourage this behavior not only in children but also in us adults since curiosity is the basis of a large part of the discoveries that had transcendence for humanity. In addition to saturating your brain with interesting questions and challenging it to find the answers, we also recommend feeding it with vitamin B12 (cobalamin) found in fish, meat, milk and eggs to avoid losing brain cells and ensuring proper functioning of your brain.

"You never get as far as when you do not know where you're headed." Christopher Columbus

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy being an explorer and discover new worlds. There are no boundaries for the creative mind. Expel the routine of your life and take the habit of experiencing new things. Do not forget to bring your passport of curiosity and fill your suitcase with notebooks ready to capture new ideas. Christopher Columbus was not afraid to go to the unknown but on the contrary, this inspired him and was the engine that made this great leader discover America and change the history of humanity forever.

"He who wants to interest others has to provoke them." Salvador Dalí

Beware of the abnormality is what they teach us ! But do not be afraid to see the world differently from others and enjoy madness. Finally the crazy people are not only the ones who have the most fun but many times those who achieve great results. Dalí, for example, one day appeared in a restaurant from the Eiffel Tower with an elephant, he also told his admirers "Paint a Dalí and get rich!" while he handed them a blank sheet of paper with his autograph. Another one of his most outstanding follies was that one day he was invited to the prestigious Sorbonne University to give a lecture to which he arrived in a Rolls-Royce distributing cauliflowers to the audience as if they were autographs. Forget the restrictive rules and create a day of insanity full of inspiration!

These are some of the ways to inspire you to get new ideas but they are many other more. Tell us what are your favorite methods to provoke a dose of creativity. And above all do not forget that the important thing is not only to have the ideas but to dare to carry them out at all costs to leave positive footprints in humanity and a legacy of a better world for future generations to come.

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