The importance of the future, is not to predict it but to create it as Peter Drucker famous writer and consultant suggested. As an entrepreneur you will face many challenges before reaching success. Which is great because you will learn a lot from failure even more than from a master degree. Don’t wait until tomorrow, dream and make your dreams come true. We are your perfect allies for that. Great ideas should never be stopped for any reason whatsoever. Here we show you some options in order not to give up and accomplish your project that will be the best investment for improving your future.

Here we will present some arguments or thoughts that you will find very familiar when you are on the process of creating your startup.

You are crazy! You will not succeed !

These will be some of the first arguments you will hear. Probably you have already heard them and you are laughing out loud. We are not magicians nor profets just simply we have gone through this as well. All those critics might envy you because you are one of the very few brave ones to challenge the status quo and become proactive about your own destiny. The best antidote against these is working hard, with a lot of passion and showing everyone with results how wrong they were with their omens.

Grow up ! Get yourself a fulltime steady job!

This argument may appear alone or even accompanied by the following: We paid a lot in order to give you the best education for you to punish us and finish unemployed with strange ideas of wanting to conquer the world!

These arguments normally come from anguished family relatives and mostly progenitors. All of them you should treat them with respect, tell them success stories about all those “rebels” that one day they decided to become their own bosses in order to be able to change the world. Furthermore, remind them that the most important thing in life is to be happy and that you want to do just that by taking the reins of your own destiny to accomplish it!

I have a great idea but I do not have the money to develop it!

A great idea should never die, much less for such a mundane reason such as lack of money. In reality, in the world there is money and actually in abundance. Your first option where to obtain money should be from your own savings in order to develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to be able to generate some customers which would allow you to keep on developing your business. Something that is recurrent and adviced as well in entrepreneurs is to partner with other cofounders that will complement their abilities reducing this way the investment cost and distributing it among all. Moreover in this initial stage, you can offer your first employees the option to be able to gain a percentage of shares in order to reduce costs in salary.

Another option, is to attain money from FFF (Friends, Fools, & Family) otherwise known as Love Money from the people that admire you the most and that you can convince to invest in your business. Additionally to all these, if you have great credit history you can ask as well for a bank loan. There is an increasing amount of banks that support entrepreneurs and offer attractive payment amenities. Likewise, there are more organizations that offer financial support to startups such as government, incubators, institutes, universities, etc. Also according to the type of business you want to develop and how advanced you are on that process you can also request money from an angel investor that will not only invest money on your startup but will act as a mentor increasing its potential. Similarly, if you are already making sales and have a great market traction you should also prepare yourself to visit an investor.

Furthermore, besides all the above, here at Innomobs we offer you additional alternatives. You have a lot of entrepreneur friends? If you gather 4 or more friends with projects we will develop your project with a special attractive price. Moreover, in case you want to develop a bigger more innovative project such as a custom-made system, web app, and/or a mobile app for these types of projects we also offer monthly payment facilites for a year in order that you can even finish us paying while you are already generating profits from our development and for these types of projects we even offer a year of warranty in order to assure the quality of the code we have generated.

And what will happen if I fail? Everyone will mock me for a lifetime!

First of all, nothing lasts forever. Not even bullying. And this only in the remote case that you will indeed fail. Furthermore, let’s face it people that are really worthy in your life will never taunt you when you are really feeling depressed. Additionally to all these, like Henry Ford used to say failure is actually an opportunity to start all over again but this time more intelligently. Hence, these type of experiences will actually approach you more to success.

These are only some examples of thoughts or criticism that can confront you if you allow it to happen. The main thing is to be aware that there are always solutions and options to accomplish everything we ambition. Do not allow your dreams to die because if you do you will have to live frustrated working to accomplish the dreams of someone else. The best time to build something new and innovative that will change the world is now and possibly as soon as possible before competition gets on your way. What are you waiting for? Today is the best day to start accomplishing your dreams.

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