Making the decision of who will help you develop your great idea is crucial. Especially at the beginning when resources are limited and bad decisions could exterminate a startup. Making a wrong decision when hiring a pseudo-professional could end up annihilating your idea and dream forever. Unfortunately it is common to assume that because you have "an acquaintance" who studies or studied something related to computer science you can go with this person to develop a website, e-commerce, system or mobile application since he has the knowledge for it. Due to this type of cognitive bias, many times high-potential ideas and projects die before they come to life when it turns out that in reality the "expert technicians" do not have all the necessary skills to finish the projects or in fact they finish them but of very low quality without taking into account other additional key aspects such as innovation, strategic design, branding, addictive user experience, search engine optimization, etc. Therefore, there is nothing better than a passionate and multidisciplinary team that not only has the capacity to generate developments in very high quality but also the knowledge to generate you more profits due to an increase in customers. We have a very structured IT development plan that is guaranteed to exceed all our customers expectations' in the stipulated time.

Initial immersion meeting

This meeting is key to understand everything about our client's project. Here all the doubts and the expected expectations of the client are resolved. Likewise, the client is advised on possible components to be integrated, appropriate programming languages to be used for their development, advice on whether it is convenient to develop a viable minimum product for their project or a complete development, etc.

Value proposition with innovative approach

In this stage the client receives our value proposition proposal that includes our quotation for the project as well as a description of the time it will take to develop it. Here it is also mentioned that once the launch of the project is approved. we will add additional innovative surprise concepts to integrate into your project that will give you more potential to generate more profits that may include: innovation, gamification, viralization strategies, additional income sources, creative business models, behavioral economics, etc.

Competitive intelligence research

Subsequently, once the launch of the project has been approved and the respective advance payment is received from the client, a competitive intelligence research focused on the client's market niche is made to ensure that what we will be develop will have a high impact not only in our customer's region or birth country but ideally that could be scalable globally.

Digital architecture schemes

After the investigation, we proceed to perform an analysis of the required logic that the entire system will have both the programming backend part and frontend design and user experience. In order to achieve a general definition of the pages, sections and subsections that the respective website, mobile application or administrative system will have contemplating all types of intended users. Once this is defined, an email is sent to the client to confirm this information.

Development of interfaces

With the approved digital architecture, the complete interfaces are developed. In the case of webpages, all the sections and subpages of the site are created visually integrating the design. In the case of custom systems and mobile applications, the interfaces are first created considering the structure of the information that will be contained and the target market. Once these interfaces are generated, a document is sent to the client to approve the proposed mockups. Once authorized and with the respective modifications requested by the customer applied, we proceed to integrate the design in these interfaces of the system and / or mobile applications.

Authorization document for programming

Once the interfaces are finished, a final document is created in order that the client can give the last feedback and at the same time authorize the project to be programmed with the established logic and design. In this case, with this visual prototype generated, the client is advised to carry out a market validation with their potential clients to discover areas of opportunity in UX and improve them on time.

Functionality programming

In these phase, all graphic elements and specifications are prepared for our programmers to develop the project. It proceeds to build all the code in "back-end" that is the logic of the database, infrastructure, functionalities and algorithms necessary for the system to work as planned. In parallel, all the graphic elements of the system that include buttons, icons, images, banners, color specifications, logos, etc. are being prepared for frontend programming.

Implementation of design and user experience

Once all the functionality of the respective module has been verified and tested to ensure that it operates as planned, it begins to integrate the "front-end code" including the CSS style guides. Finally, the user experience of the elements are programmed to prepare the software for user interaction and must perform an animation and/or action as they are activated.

Internal tests for quality assurance

We take this process very seriously to ensure that all that was approved should be working 100% as required. We perform methodical tests to each one of the functionalities of the different users to validate all the operations and necessary results in the different cases of use and required scenarios. Moreover, once all elements have been verified, we work on the responsive version of the software making it adaptable for mobile devices in case it applies. .

Final customer review

Once the internal tests are finished, we release an access to the system, site, web app and / or mobile application so that the client can make their respective revisions. Actually, we use a very intuitive application that allows clients to make real-time revisions to systems even remotely and can add images or reference documents to complement their comments. Making this correction process very efficient.

Final Implementation and launch

Once finished, the server is prepared and configured to implement the respective site and / or system. In the case of mobile applications, the revision process is followed with the respective Google Play and App Store stores until they are accepted and shown online.

Expansion SEO Services / Guarantee

Even after all this work has been done for the projects of our clients, our work does not end here. In most cases, we have to constantly monitor the server to block IP's that could be harmful, making the speed with which the systems load more optimal, and verifying that it complies with current technical characteristics. We also offer a one-year warranty on all customized systems to guarantee the development of a code of excellence. In this case, once the systems are in operation, sometimes unforeseen scenarios in the testing stage occur and we take charge of correcting any issue so that it operates as stipulated without implying an extra cost for our clients while it is within the warranty period. For customers who want even more and want to increase their income we also offer SEO packages where we work with them to increase their impact on their potential customers, sales and therefore their income.

It is very important to bear in mind that the best high impact developments are achieved in a multidisciplinary team of passionate talents that give their best in each project their undertake, as all of us who are part of Innomobs. So the next time you find yourself haggling over the cost of your project, ask yourself if you are not also conspiring against the future potential of your business. Corporate innovation is a key factor of competitiveness that is part of our DNA.

Who would you prefer to entrust the construction of the house of your dreams to a mason or a team of talented and passionate experts to contribute their very best to the idea of your dreams?

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